Listening and Speaking: Oral Language and Vocab. - Hot Topics

This professional development resource for educators provides authentic classroom video clips that demonstrate principles of instruction for ELLs, teacher scaffolding for oral language output, academic language in a math class; jokes for vocabulary, comprehension, and fun; six steps to vocabulary mastery; and interactive reading aloud for oral language and vocabulary development with young ELLs.

The workbook provides a wealth of information about this important topic, including research foundations for listening and speaking and principles of instruction for ELLs; classroom conditions for oral language development; language proficiency levels; listening comprehension; strategies for promoting oral language development; using story books, songs, chants, rap and jokes; academic vocabulary learning; and cooperative learning structures. The workbook ends with activities for use by educators, with a glossary of key terms and strategies, and a list of additional print and web-based resources. 2012. (89 pg).

This professional development resource package was created for use in CAL’s Hot Topics in ELL Education workshops and institutes. CAL is making the professional development workbook and companion video available for sale to make these resources available as knowledge building, practical tools for educators.


Linda New Levine, Betty Ansin Smallwood, and Erin Flynn Haynes


Center for Applied Linguistics


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